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Over 40? You may want to quit doing these...

Why is it we tend to rebel against the habits we need the most?

I see it every day.

Human nature is to want to feel great in our skin, confident, energized and ready to take on the world. Too often though - that isn't the case.

So then we want to change. I've been there!

Unhappy with rapid weight gain (in weird places!), tired, overwhelmed, a stranger in my skin, longing for the old 20 and 30-something me.

Many women (myself included for a time) then begin to do even MORE of what is no longer working for us.

The old "if I eat less, if I do more classes, if I take more steps" ideas are keeping us stuck in un-healthy patterns.

Then - we say that we want to actually change and feel better once and for all!

BUT (this deserves all capitals!) BUT BUT then we don't do or we don't see immediate results and we quit the long term follow through (which is actually where long term results happen!).

I can understand why we prematurely quit what's best for ourselves, it's because the pain of staying where we are and not optimizing our health is often safer than doing something unfamiliar - even though more desirable.

Which brings me to to today's post topic.


If you're still putting a hefty investment into the old "everything in moderation" adage when it comes to your fitness you're not listening.

I have to be straight up.

And especially (I should clarify) if you're approaching or over 40 and dealing with the natural changes that our bodies will go through hormonally one day.

Many institutions continue to tell women we need to strive to get "this many" steps in each day, or do this amount of "moderate intensity" minutes of exercise in each week.... I don't think they're basing that on results of studies done on perimenopausal and menopausal women.

These beliefs are potentially a BIG part of a bigger problem and not the solution.

Yup - I'm here to flip things upside down and call them out where it counts.

In perimenopause we've got to shift our approach to movement being about intensity... about reducing cortisol (not spiking it or tanking it more) activity, and less about moderate level "aka: no benefit zone" exercise mentality.


Let's say 2 women trained for (walking) marathons. Both gained weight.

One wasn't aware as she entered into the training and challenge, simply believing that more walking would help her take the weight off.


The other gal was aware of the weight gain risk but continued to walk on anyways. Fast forward to 15 lbs of weight gain later! That's no joke.

It was too much of the moderation. (Inflammation and cortisol levels tell your body to store fat).

As a hormone-based fitness specialist that all women need to own dumbbells and it's never truer than peri/menopause and menopause.

Top tips: 1) you need HIIT (short, high intensity intervals) maybe 1-2 x a week

2) you need strength training (!) 2-4 x a week (depending on duration/intensity/type of movements/enough rest between and yoru schedule)

3) you need to kick all the overdone moderate exercise to the curb

In 2022 my VIP Coaching program (a deep dive with 1:1 coaching and your own nutrition and custom workouts planned for you) is getting a total revamp to help support women even better. And in 2022 I'll be offering: - The Meal Plan Club membership (monthly goodies delivered to your inbox every 30 days!)

- The REBOOT coming February 1st designed to help you transform in 4 months

It's all about helping you maintain lean muscle, respect blood sugar and cortisol (among the other hormones) and reduce inflammation and weight gain.

Are you in?


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