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Women's Perimenopause STRONGher ALL-IN-ONE app coming soon!
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Shed Unwanted Hormonal Weight And Reclaim Your Energy In As Little As 30 Days!

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Balance your hormones with a holistic approach to putting hormones in check, shedding unwanted hormonal weight, and reclaiming your energy.


if you're a women approaching or in per/menopause frustrated or confused about how to reduce weight gain and inflammation, improve your energy, reduce crashes and cravings and improve sleep so you can feel better you're in the right place.



The FALL 2022 schedule of small, fun, effective and strength focused lunchtime group fitness classes is now available.

Click to view options and get signed up, space is very limited. Classes start November 22nd.

When what you've been trying isn't working...

You know that hormones play a HUGE role in weight gain, but you don't know how to balance them.


It can be complicated and challenging to lose weight when your hormones are unbalanced. You might feel tired all the time, or like you can't seem to shake that last 5-10 pounds.


You've probably tried every diet and weight loss program out there, but you still can't seem to lose weight.


It's not your fault. Dieting is too hard, and it's nearly impossible to maintain a healthy weight when your hormones are out of balance.


Julie's program is amazing. She is generous with her time and information. I now have hundreds of delicious, healthy recipes and know what to eat, and when, and the types of movements that give me the best results. If you have sleep problems, Julie can help you fix it!!

- Angela B.


Julie is fantastic to work with, provides a tonne of information and works with you to match your program(s) to your needs and your lifestyle. She provides you with the education and tools for success.

- Ashlinn K.


I can't even begin to explain how AMAZING this women is! She is very professional in her line of work. She has given me the confidence I need to succeed and has taught me all about form and skills along the way.

- Jessica H.

What Doesn't Work:

Severely eliminating the food you eat, starving your body of the nutrition it needs

Jumping from one diet to the next and not even losing an inch or two

Fixating on the numbers on the scale vs what your body REALLY needs to drop the hormonal weight

Working out to exhaustion in a dire attempt to work off those stubborn hormonal pounds

Eating “fat-free” or boxed pre-made “diet” meals that are pumped full of chemicals and fillers

What you really need to do is:

Clarity around the foods, nutrition, and support your body needs to shed hormonal weight

Support and guidance to be able to stay committed to the program, remain inspired and feel encouraged every single step of the way

A program to avoid the foods wreaking havoc on your hormones and throwing your body completely out of balance.

A plan on what to eat and how to cook healthier meals more easily even if you’re busy

if you’re thinking there is no way you’re going to find all of that in one easy-to-follow program…


You actually can!

Balance your hormones with my signature, easy to follow, 60-day holistic hormone weight loss program and put your hormones in check, shed unwanted weight and reclaim your energy!

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With over 31 years experience supporting hundreds of women across Canada I offer in person and partner private personal training options in my Okotoks, Alberta studio.

Nutritional Cooking


Choose from personalized 1 on 1 coaching calls and specialized nutrition guidance and plans, or choose a done-for-you meal plan that's ready to go.

Not sure what you need? Book a consultation and let's chat together!