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Getting in The Way of Your Waistline and Life?


NEXT SESSION: September 2024
8 Week "Prosper in Perimenopause" Program

Discover how simple it can be to work with your changing hormones to whittle that "meno belly", reduce bloating, boost energy and fuel your life through menopause.


- High protein and whole foods done-for-you meal plans (omnivore/vegetarian)
- An online learning content resource program to follow along each day
- Done for you strength workouts every week
- Dozens of downloads, handouts and guides!
- Biweekly 1 hour live group coaching calls (Saturdays @ 9:00 am MST)

  Prosper in Perimenopause is a 100% online, holistic approach to LONG TERM RESULTS  

Imagine having a personal fitness & nutrition coach in your pocket gently guiding you step by step over 10 weeks about everything about nutrition & wellbeing for prospering in perimenopause that would mean you FINALLY stepped into the ideal version of yourself.

Imagine finally understanding how to easily create healthy, nourishing meals, and in as little as an hour each week, and learning in a step by step way what it takes to prosper in all stages of menopause, fit, strong and energized!

I've been working on this program for YEARS and will be launching it for midlife women frustrated and overwhelmed with "meno belly", poor sleep, tanking energy & more!

  This program is perfect for you if:  


✅ you're not satisfied with your current health (fitness, nutrition, generally)


✅ you want a holistic approach missing from most fitness & nutrition plans


✅ you're fed up with random results & coaches who aren't in the arena with you

✅ nothing you're trying is working


✅ you're tired, bloated, unmotivated and fed up throwing money away

✅ you're stuck in a plateau


✅ you're stressed, have intense cravings and are "wired but tired"

✅ have discovered what used to work in your 20's and 30's isn't anymore

✅ you want accountability and tools for long term wellness sustainability

✅ you want a step by step plan to follow

✅ want all of this without it being cost of a mortgage payment

 What is Prosper in Perimenopause? 

A program to bring peace of mind in perimenopause, that can transform your life, and help you gain newfound confidence in both your body now and in the future as you age.

This is delivered as a 100% online program over 10 weeks in a comprehensive group intensive coaching format with 24/7 access to a learning area, weekly lessons and "homework" for you to get the most from each lesson (don’t stress, it’s fun homework that can transform your life!).

Lessons are released each week (no overwhelm here!) with plenty of time to digest each lesson's knowledge and put it into practice.


As well done-for-you video strength workouts for 10 weeks are provided inside the program area, along with dozens of recipes and optional 1:1 custom coaching calls with me.


NOTE: you will need access to internet for this program. If you cannot attend the weekly scheduled Zoom live coaching calls may be recorded and the transcript shared in the program learning area.

Healthy meal diet planning. Woman making notes, type her menu in phone app sitting above t

Now that you’re a little older wiser it’s time to take a whole new approach to what healthy living looks like.


👍 How to lose weight without fad rules and enjoy eating great foods

👍 How to balance your hormones more naturally

👍 How to overcome sabotage mindset that holds you back

👍 How to ditch the sugar cravings that keep you in an endless push and pull cycle

👍 How to restore your gut health and stop embarrassing symptoms

✓ Hormone Health, Setting Goals that Stick and the SECRET Sauce

Start taking a deep dive into some major hormones and go through powerful goal setting! Plus we'll talk a lot about sleep, how it's the secret sauce to success and how to get more of it!

✓ Whole Food vs Diet Mentality, Sugar & How to Eat for Hormone Health

I'll show you the fundamental nutrition principles (based on a nutrient-dense, whole foods approach) so you can develop a healthy attitude to food rather than following dogmatic diets.

✓ Creating a Balanced Healthy Meal, Gut and Hormone Health

I will introduce you to Nutrient Dense eating and teach you how to create a balanced plate with all macro-nutrients in healthy portion sizes. And we'll talk about gut issues and how to improve your overall gut health.

✓ WEEK 4: Healthy Kitchen, Stress, Toxins and Hormone Health

This is where I help you clear out the kitchen clutter and stock your fridge, freezer, and pantry with healthy staples. Plus we'll learn about the endocrine disruptors amongst us!


✓ Metabolism & Fat Burning and FITNESS!

In this module I set the record straight to help you understand how your body stores and releases fat and what factors can impact your weight. This part can really open your eyes to some of the diet lies and misconceptions out there! I also share a handout to help measure weight loss & health improvement without the scale, with is incredibly freeing for so many of us who've often gauged our progress (or worth) by the silly number on the scale. We'll also go deeper into WHY we need strength training and HOW to do it regularly!


✓ Eating Mindfully, Hormone Imbalance and Hunger & Fullness

I will walk you through the 6 steps to Mindful Eating. I’ll also take you through a powerful coaching exercise to help you develop a more mindful approach to your meals. This “wow” lesson in its simplicity yet life changing potential might just become your favorite  as I’ll teach you about the 4 types of hunger and how to identify 'true hunger'. 


 ✓ Adrenals and Hormone Health

Learn more about stress and the role allostatic stress, sleep, food, etc. fit into the hormone adrenaline and hormone health overall. Plus, learn the symptoms of chronic stress "burnout" and adrenal fatigue and what to do about it.


 ✓ Cravings & Emotional Eating

This is where I coach you on cravings and HOW to manage them, what emotional eating really is and how you can find better ways to cope with strong emotions. We will go through an exercise called "what are you really hungry for" which I know you’ll find incredibly helpful. 


 ✓ How You Stop Self Sabotage

Who can relate to that? In this week I’ll show you how to recognize self sabotage, know what it really is and then I’ll coach you through how to overcome it to change your habits and reach your desired goal. There’ll also be a coaching process to move you through known & unknown self sabotage behaviors.


 ✓ Putting it all together

Like a puzzle we'll understand how to put them all together for consistency and success so that you can prosper through perimenopause now and beyond.

Client Testimonial

I’ve had one on one hormone coaching as well as monthly programs. I recommend her to all women who are in need of balancing and training. She gives 100% always. If you are looking for healthy, informative and result giving experiences , Julie is a five star in my mind. - Michelle P., Okotoks

Client Testimonial

I have gone from very little understanding of the changes going on in perimenopause to a pretty good understanding. On the practical front, it's totally dealt with any negative symptoms I'd been having. I'm feeling pretty good almost all the time now (I'd been feeling like a wreck before). It's sorted out my sleep, my eating, my moods, no more hot flushes, and I've got an exercise plan to go on with. Amazing!

- Gwen, Montreal

Client Testimonial

She creates programs that are user friendly, and she genuinely takes an interest in you and your needs, and she wants you to succeed. Even when I have not fully followed my plan, Julie encourages me to keep going and not give up. Any improvement with my overall health, is an improvement. - Shannon L., Calgary

Client Testimonial

Fast forward 4-5 years and I found myself in the thick of perimenopause and for the first time in my life struggling with my weight and having some loss of muscle tone. Julie's helped educate me on how to take better care of my 'new" body. I'm starting to feel like the old me getting energy back, building muscle and toning back down. I've got a way to go but can tell I'm on the right track. - Karas P., Alberta



✓ Reduced bloating & inflammation

✓ A stronger physique (and mindset!)

✓ Hormone balance knowledge

✓ Improved mood & mental outlook

✓ Regulated eating and food cravings

✓ A healthy approach to nutrition as a friend not a foe

✓ A trimmer waistline

✓ Saving TIME and MONEY on randomized approaches

In 10 weeks you'll go from "knowing" to finally DOING (aka: results)

If you know what to do but aren't doing it - join this program!

(And enjoying that weight loss you want, the balanced nutrition your body craves, mastery of those sabotaging cravings & an improved mood and energy for life!)

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- 10 weeks of gorgeous, full color High Protein meal plans complete with shopping lists, done-for-you generic meal plans, and a full recipe guide with detailed instructions and info.


- Weekly done-for-you strength workout videos adaptable to all fitness abilities.

prosper through perimenopause.png

Living your best life and prospering in perimenopause is possible.


Image by Madison Oren

I'm observing much more closely how I am, in order to better take care of myself. I'm much, much more aware of how my actions are affecting my physical and mental health. I am full of hope about becoming a healthy, fit, strong person. Someone who has robust mental health. Before this course I'd been feeling pretty discouraged... Gosh - where to start? I'm almost never eating sugar these days - that's a big one - and it's not even particularly hard (I never thought I'd be able to kick sugar. It's made me really curious about what else I could change in my life. It's incredible how if you have the right knowledge - in this case, all the info about fat and insulin and mood and hormones - and the right support - in this case, practical tips such as drinking enough water, having enough protein, setting little goals - what had seemed impossible becomes almost easy). I'm getting a good night's sleep nearly all the time, because I understand why it's a priority and what helps me get there. I mostly don't eat after dinner until a late breakfast the next day (intermittent fasting). I used to snack a lot in the evenings. Speaking of snacking, I don't do it in the day as much. Not at all, if I've eaten decent meals. I'm ok to feel a bit hungry sometimes. I drink more water. I'm eating MUCH more protein than I used to - and noticing how it keeps me feeling stable and contented until the next meal. I'm trying to incorporate more good fats into my meals.

Gwen, Montreal, QC (Winter/Spring participant)

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If you'd like more information or to discuss whether this program is for you, please click the button below to email me instantly.

OR, text 403-651-1088

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