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Feb 12, 2024 - May 5, 2024

Prosper in Perimenopause

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Make 2024 Your Best Year

Make THIS year your HEALTHIEST one! Join me for an incredible 12 week fully guided, coached online program to elevate your health, balance your hormones, love your liver, reduce belly fat, get moving more and do it all without overwhelm! Approaching or in peri/menopause and wanting to feel strong, confident and energized as you age? This is the program to help! Imagine finally understanding how to easily create healthy, nourishing meals, strength train for best results AND (in as little as 1-2 hours each week) learn what it takes and means to be healthy and happy through peri/menopause as a fit gal over 40. Delivered entirely online in a group format each week features a new topic, lesson and deep dive group coaching session. ✓ WEEK 1: Introductions & Setting Goals that Stick (the big WHY) ✓ WEEK 2: Guiding Nutrition Principles vs Diet Mentality (Estrogen, Insulin, Liver Health, Belly Fat) ✓ WEEK 3: How to Build a Healthy Meal, Fatty Liver, Sleep the Secret Sauce and Insulin Resistance (Leptin, Ghrelin) ✓ WEEK 4: Breaking Sugar Addiction in 10 Days (Cortisol, Neuropeptide Y) ✓ WEEK 6: Eating Mindfully (Glucagon-Like Peptide 1, Cholecystokinin) ✓ WEEK 7: Honoring Hunger & Fullness ✓ WEEK 8: Cravings & Emotional Eating ✓ WEEK 9: Stop Self Sabotage ✓ WEEK 10: Stress, Sleep & Self Care ✓ WEEK 11: Eating Out & Choosing Well ✓ WEEK 12: Movement BONUS #1: Not one but two gorgeous, full color recipe guides complete with dozens of delicious, satisfying recipes (and sample done for you meal plans)! BONUS #2: 12 weeks of done for you at home workouts (month by month) Mindset, nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, healthy nutrition habits and eating psychology coaching - it's all inside! Upon successful completion of all 12 weeks, participants will receive a signed Certificate of Completion. Only 12 spots available in each class.

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Prosper in Perimenopause

Prosper in Perimenopause

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