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This Program Will Transform You

Learn to provide yourself with a life full of wellness and longevity.



Mindset, Metabolism, Movement and Maintenance


Learn the 4 Pillars to Reset Your Body & Mind

Living a healthy lifestyle is a balancing act that most of us get frustrated with at one point or another. The results are not getting there fast enough, the will or the motivation get lost in translation, there’s not “enough time in the day”, we may not be eating the right foods.  The list can go on.


The good news is that by going back to the very basics, you CAN regain control of your health and feel like a brand new you. We are talking about building the foundations for a life that can take you to places you’ve only dreamt of.



For burnt out, overwhelmed, women who want to live life to the fullest and reclaim their body and mind, once and for all.

There are so many fad diets and programs out there that teach new and improved ways of getting your life back together, but the truth is that the answer to true healthy living is solidifying your basic understanding and then building off of that. 


So, join me and my tribe for a complete transformation.

Regain control of your mindset.

Understand your metabolism and inner workings.

Find joy in movement.

And maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your years.

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It's all about how we see health and view life.

  • Eating healthy, fresh, and natural foods isn't a punishment for the life you've led until now - it's an investment in your future.

  • Fresh, nutrient-packed fruits, vegetables, and lean meats aren't boring and tasteless - they're food the way it's meant to be enjoyed, without all the processing, additives, added sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives crammed in.

  • Movement is critical for body and mind – it isn’t punishment for your body, and it has many benefits other than losing weight.

  • Taking time for you isn’t selfish, it’s vital self-care (and vital for those hormones)!

I completed the 7 day gut cleanse with Julie and even tho it was an above average stressful week it was a very successful few days. I am happy to say I feel less puffy and lost 5 lbs. And the food/ menu was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and in fact I extended the program by 2 days. I'll keep making the recipes. Thanks Julie!

- BetteAnne

Julie is fun, energetic and full of valuable information! I have loved everything I have participated in with her!!

 - Kelly G.

Excellent support during challenge, motivation and excellent material support!

- Marilin G.

If you change your mindset, you can improve your body, your health, and your life.


  • Get your health back and get unstuck

  • Feel strong, powerful and rejuvenated once and for good

  • Get lighter on your feet and in your soul and tighter in your body


To change your life, you need to change your mindset and understand the four pillars of health.


You need to get to a mental state where you understand what’s good for your body and choose to embrace it.

As a REBOOT participant you get: 

  • 4 Value Packed Guides and 4 Reboot Modules

  • Delicious Vegetarian and Omnivore recipe guides, each with delicious suggested meals and a shopping list to make life easier for you!

  • In-depth mindset work, worksheets, tracking and daily self-care habits

  • Monthly live webinars exclusive to Reboot participants

  • Access to the private Reboot group community for support & guidance

  • Simple exercise suggestions for the busy person (that’s you!)

  • Your personal food diary to hold yourself accountable during and after the program.

  • BONUS #1: a 60 minute 1:1 coaching call with me

  • Bonus #2: a 30 day at home workout plan (choose from beginner or intermediate)*

The bonus 30 day at home workout plan is provided via exclusive access to my online Trainerize app where you can access workouts, yoga video's, stretching programs etc. from your mobile device.

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The 4 MONTH REBOOT Program will get you on the right track to changing your relationship your own body and mind for the rest of your life!


The 4 Month REBOOT is provided through my website online and will include access to all of your content:

- recipes

- meal plans

- the private Reboot group

- webinars

- Q&A