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Not Losing Belly Fat Fast Enough?

This post is for any woman who wants weight loss quick, like yesterday, and wonders why it's not happened yet. Today I was inspired to share after a wonderful coaching call I had with one of our VIP 90 day program members. For the most part we were discussing some discouragement around a lack of scale weight loss.

Feeling discouraged and let down, frustrated and perhaps "de-motivated" when we aren't seeing the weight changes quickly enough is valid for many women. All too often we are sold and promised rapid weight loss success. I'm sure you know the kind. Those testimonials of massive "weight" loss in 7 days after doing a cleanse, or only drinking shakes or taking the latest fat burner pill.

The fact is however, that what you don't hear is what happens after, weeks or months after when the pills are done, the money runs out or the 7 days are over. And what many well intentioned women may not also realize is how much of that massive weight loss is actually fat vs. muscle or simply moisture weight.

If lifelong weight loss (and not muscle loss) is truly the goal to never return again the approach must change from rapid to patience.

If lasting success in letting go of weight and optimizing health is your goal then looking at the 1) habits and behaviours that support the weight loss and the 2) emotional mindset and healing around nourishing your body instead of depriving it must be too!

It seems more common these days for a woman to think it's acceptable to eat 1200 calories than to eat 2000. And that, my friends, is dangerous. The shift required is to put a priority on:

1) improving gut health

2) cultivating knowledge borne patience of the process

I suggest re-framing the idea of losing weight to getting used to nurture and nourish yourself instead of taking away and restricting. Because put simply eating 1200 to 1500 calories a day is harmful for the majority of women, particularly in perimenopause when we want to increase protein intake drastically (spread evenly over 3 meals a day ideally to achieve muscle synthesis - watch THIS video on protein and perimenopause that if you haven't already

The blunt, non sugar coated message is that in order to truly experience a sustainable weight loss (you know the kind that doesn't come back with a vengeance and more once you go back to your normal behaviours and routines again?) you must have a healthy gut microbiome and be willing to let your investment (the time, action and habit building behaviours) sink in over time, weeks and maybe even months and years depending on the amount of weight and development of new eating habits required.

How many of you reading this can relate to going on a diet, losing weight quickly, only to find it back on PLUS more at a later time?

Many hands raised, not all, but many I am sure.

SO ALLOW ME TO SHARE A STORY: Take for example the $1000 investment I made into a crypto-fiat mix currency business with friends of mine who shared an incredible opportunity with me last year. Assume this crypto investment is an analogy for investing in a fitness and nutrition program let's say.

I was so excited to invest and make more money, the possibility almost like magic. My friends who'd been so successfully long term (over 3 years) were honest and upfront from the start and said at the beginning that I should forget about seeing any returns on my investment of $1000 for a minimum 6 months.

So I trusted them (heck they knew what they were doing I had NO clue what to do in the crypto market!). Fast forward 8 months later and after following their suggestions not only am I back to my original investment I am ALSO now enjoying regular WEEKLY gains while I do nothing at all, simply sit back and enjoy the fruits of my initial labors week after week.

THE POINT OF THAT STORY: Letting to of weight while building habits and mental/physical and emotionally derived actions and behaviours takes time too similar to the idea of being told not to expect overnight windfalls or results, That said I acknowledge where this whole I want the weight gone NOW quick fix idea comes from... the very messaging of an industry I spend every day helping educate about and against. You have ads and paid celeb or influencer endorsements of products that promise to shrink your belly, melt the fat off etc. in the form of a gummy or a pill or whatever.

If they worked so well, would the industry continue to rake in multi-billions in sales month after month after month? That's the question to ask. ... so bear with me, bear with the process and know that you have consciously chosen to get off the mental crazy making wheel of quick fixes right? You're in it for a longer term game and gain. When you feel frustrated, let's talk about it ok? Above all - if your gut isn't healed, if it's unhealthy and your inconsistent with nutrition, most likely so too will your "losing weight efforts". So heal your gut first and heal your health once you do. --> Create those beautiful behaviours that support a commitment to consistency (no different than say, setting time daily to journal, or stretch, or have a morning coffee or pray) and soon enough you'll not only feel but then see the results. Do I promise it'll happen in 2 weeks? Nope Do I promise it'll happen in 1 month? Nope But I do promise that within a couple of weeks by making the changes as per your programs that support whole eating, being prepared and moving your body you WILL start to shift sleep, energy, cravings and crashes and your body will love you for it. And from there, the rest takes root and grows more deeply, month by month. Cheers, you're all doing amazing. Julie xx

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