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Training with Fit Ball

Option 1:
Spreadsheet Plan

If you want a basic, no frills, no technology or app required training plan and workout program this is it! Your phase based, progressive 4 weeks at a time plan is delivered as an excel spreadsheet that you can print out and take with you everywere you go. 

excel custom training plan snip 5.jpg
excel custom training plan snip 3.jpg
excel custom training plan snip.jpg

Plan Features

Specs & Details:

- your plan is delivered via email

- auto renews monthly until cancelled

- no video demonstrations provided

- no personal training included

- designed based upon your goals, equipment, availability, current fitness level

Please note that this option is best for experienced exercisers who have a solid understanding of strength training exercises, form and adequate weight selection.

Spreadsheet program.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: does this program include video demonstrations?

ANSWER: no it does not.

QUESTION: how often do I receive a new plan?

ANSWER: provided you do not cancel your plan you will receive a new progressive plan every 4 weeks.

QUESTION: how will I receive my plan?

ANSWER: via email.

QUESTION: what if I have questions?

ANSWER: email me at and I will do my best to respond to you within 24 hours.

QUESTION? what if I want to cancel the plan?

ANSWER: no problem, simply provide me with 24 hours notice that you wish to cancel BEFORE your plan is set to auto renew to ensure you are no longer billed.

QUESTION? what happens if I forget to cancel?

ANSWER: you will be automatically billed for that month whether you want the new plan or not.

QUESTION: do I need any special equipment to follow a plan?
ANSWER: no you don't, as I can create the plan to utilize whatever you do have access to (whether at home or at the gym or at work or on holiday). If you have no equipment I will design it with bodyweight exercises, the outdoors and/or general items around the home that can be used.

QUESTION: will I see results and how quickly?
ANSWER: that depends on a number of factors including how often you do the workouts, your form in executing the exercises, your current level of fitness, your consistency in following the workouts and your eating habits. Most clients who follow their programs consistently and eat a nutritious diet and minimal processed food will see and feel results within 4-8 weeks time.

QUESTION: how quickly will my plan be sent to me after I purchase it?

ANSWER: generally within 48-72 hours of signing up and after you complete the client intake forms that will be sent to you. If you do not complete the forms I won't be able to complete your program until that is done. 

QUESTION: what if I plan to do some workouts at home and some at the gym where the equipment I have is different?

ANSWER: no problem, you can indicate additional comments in the client intake forms to let me know which equipment you have access to on certain days of the week.

QUESTION: can I print out the program?

ANSWER: absolutely yes! The excel document will come already formatted and print ready.

QUESTION: how will you know what to program into my plan?

ANSWER: I'll design your plan based upon the information you provide (the more the better) in your client intake form responses.

QUESTION: what if I get sick during my 4 week program?
ANSWER: if you become ill and unable to workout for a week or more then I recommend you let me know and we can cancel the auto payment on your plan and resume it once you've had a full 4 weeks to follow the existing program. 

QUESTION: are refunds provided once a plan is emailed?

ANSWER: unfortunately not due to the amount of time that is already put into designing the plan for you.

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