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Hormone Health Blueprint *new*

Hormone Health Blueprint *new*

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Say hello to more balanced, life re-charging hormone health!


As women approaching or over 40 we're all going to go through it eventually... the inevitability of peri/menopause. It's the reason why I've created this beautiful Hormone Health Blueprint program for you to follow along at your own pace.


It's loaded with health supporting goodies including:

- a 30 recipe pack, 4 week (generic) meal plan, renew your circadian rhythm guide, cycle syncing and seed cycling guide, graceful menopause guide, hormone health 101 guide and a common supplements guide.


✔️ 30 nourishing recipes designed for inflammation reduction and hormone harmony, complete with detailed calorie and macro breakdown. Please note that you may need to increase your portions sizes more than what is indicated, especially so if you are regularly active and/or strength training.


✔️ Harness the power of this meal plan, bundled alongside a comprehensive weekly grocery lists.


✔️ You know that poor sleep, constant blue light, and evening blood sugar spikes can throw your clients hormones out of whack... but now you'll know how to change it!


✔️ Go deeper than most women with naturopathic doctor recommended strategies that can help you remain in-sync with your hormone health.




✔️ The hormone health 101 guide will give you a big picture of what matters and why.


✔️ Menopause doesn't have to suck. With the graceful menopause guide you can give yourself the grace of supporting a better transition into your new phase of life, and embrace your new body.


All of this available NOW as an immediate download for you. 





    What Recipes in This Bundle Include:

    Clean protein such as organic eggs, grass-fed beef, nuts, seeds, and wild caught fish. 

    Non-starchy vegetables that are loaded with fiber for a healthy gut microbiome and for good gut motility. 

    ​Variety (without going over board) to be sure your clients are meeting their micronutrient needs and getting plenty of anti-oxidants.

    ​Simple meals that are easy to make for even the novice cook.

    Hormone balancing ingredients such as cruciferous vegetables, flaxseed, anti-oxidant rich foods, and omega 3 rich ingredients.

    Meals designed to keep blood sugars well balanced and improve insulin sensitivity.


    What Recipes in This Bundle Do Not Include

    Harmful oils such as canola oil, vegetable oil, and processed seed oils. 

    ​Highly processed foods. 

    ​Complex meals that take hours to prepare. 

    ​Unusual ingredients that are difficult to find or that many people would not eat.

    Unbalanced meals that will spike blood sugars and keep clients hungry.

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