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Nourish. Nurture. Heal.


I am happy to help you get even more from your fitness efforts when you combine workouts with healthy nutrition combined with ACCOUNTABILITY.

I offer a simple, easy to use nutrition & meal planning solution via my Trainerize app.

Introducing the Smart Plan Nutrition Planner.

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🥗✅ Track smarter, not harder and experience the future of meal tracking

You shouldn’t need to use multiple apps to keep track of your nutrition journey and food intake. With my latest improvements to my in-app meal tracker, meal tracking is fast, easy, and customizable to suit YOU!


Here’s a taste of what meal tracking is like with my in-app meal tracker:

🔎 Find foods fast with a smarter search bar and results that won't overwhelm you.

🍽️ Accurately track meals with customizable portion sizes. 

📊 Get a live visualization of calorie and macro split changes before you log foods and meals and see the impact your snacks and meals have on your overall goals each day.

🪄 Get support from me behind the scenes with measurement and weight tracking each month, food logging, a private group, feedback from me and the "Discover" area from your dashboard.

Meet your new favorite nutrition coach, meal planner & tracker:

Find the foods you want to track faster! No overwhelming list with multiple serving sizes of the same food. With my meal planner and tracker you can find the foods you want fast, with a shorter list of relevant results. 

snack image.png
track ervings.png

Track servings accurately with fractions and decimals, in whatever units you prefer quickly and more accurately with serving size options right from the meals or food search page. 

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See the macro and caloric breakdown for each meal you eat as you can view the macro and caloric breakdown for each meal under your "Diary" tab to understand your nutrition intake in more detail.  Plus when you add a meal, you'll get a preview of the change to your remaining macros and calories for the day.


That way, you can be more mindful and aware how different foods and meals impact your goals and gain a stronger understanding of your eating habits so that I can help you with recommendations to meet your goals.

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As your coach I support you through nutrition feedback and collaboration.


Are you drinking too many sugared drinks or grabbing unhealthy snacks later in the afternoong? One of the biggest advantages and opportunities you get with my nutrition meal tracker & planner tool is from my 2-way coaching and feedback.   


So, when you log your meals, I can easily give feedback or jot notes into your meal logs to help you make healthier choices and stay on track!

How the Smart Plan Nutrition Planner Works!

There's been a shift towards a more holistic, 360° approach to fitness and nutrition coaching, one that includes fitness, nutrition, and habit coaching–because it’s a combination of the three that will help you ultimately reach your goals.


As a coach nutrition becomes a default element of personal training. Which is why I now offer this nutrition and meal plan to all of my custom online fitness clients so that both can occur seamlessly within one app.


For more info on my custom online fitness plans (they include this nutrition basic meal planning support free) go HERE.


But don't worry even if you don't have (or want) your own online custom fitness plan you can take advantage of this nutrition coach, meal planner & tracker on it's own!

Ready to support with your nutrition habits and enjoy your feeling great goals through tracking meals, and receiving done-for-you meal ideas every day of the week!? 

Here's how! 👇

When you sign up you'll be asked to complete my client intake form so that I can get you started with your own Smart Meal Planner and be asked about your goals, activity level, eating habits and even food preferences which will all help me create your smart meal plan (see below).

This is performed by me as your coach.

Coming soon:

- 7 day meal plan (in 2023)

- Done for you automated grocery lists (in 2023)

For now all you have to do is commit to making positive changes, sign up, answer a few questions and leave the rest to me!

When creating a smart nutrition meal plan for you I can customize it based on several criteria:


✔ Number of calories per day Number of meals per day (choose between 3 and 6 meals)

✔ Macro split for the meals (Balanced, Low Carbs, Low Fat):


Balanced (40% Carb, 30% Protein, 30% Fat)

Low carb (20% Carb, 30% Protein, 50% Fat)

Low fat (30% Carb, 50% Protein, 20% Fat)

✔ Dietary preference (choose between General, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian and Paleo)

✔ Excluding food sensitivities (select to exclude Fish, Eggs, Dairy, Shellfish, Soy, Gluten, Tree Nuts, Peanuts)


I can also customize frequency delivery and select how many sample meal plan days you can receive (1-3 days).


Full 7 day weeks will be available soon as well.

But don't worry you can continue to regenerate the 1, 2 or 3 days with new meals and swapped out recipes and snacks as often as you'd like, all month long!

 Once I've done that for you you'll see your meal plan suggestions right away!


You can follow along with the engaging videos and recipes as you cook (yes there are recipe cooking video's embedded right inside the meal screen!) and easily track the foods that you cook in-app, AND swap meals for similar alternatives to discover new recipes you might find even more appealing.


You can "Quickly Track Meals" with a tap of a button too.


Tracking meals in full detail can be tiring if you’re always cooking new meals–but now it doesn’t have to be!


I've made it incredibly easy for you to track the meals that you cook from your meal plan right inside the Trainerize app.


All up need to do is tap “Ate Today” or select which date on the calendar you want to log the meal for–and viola! It’s tracked and then as your coach I can see that you either have (or haven't!) been following along with your  recommended meal plan suggestions!  

Talk about ACCOUNTABILITY (and, results!).

Why you'll love my Smart Plan Nutrition Planner


You'll save loads of time and frustration building meal plans and figuring out the best snacks & meals to eat.


And you can refresh your meal plan all by yourself!


You'll get your own meal plan (with video demo's, nutrient breakdowns and meal tracker) based on your own nutrition, macro goals, frequency and dietary preferences.


You can swap out meals for similar alternatives to better suit your taste buds and you can explore new meals to cook whenever you want 24/7.


Best of all you can quickly track the full calories and macros of the meals you cook to make meal tracking easy and quick so that as your coach I can give you recommendations, feedback and more guidance to help you.

As a bonus...

As the chart above shows you can also choose to sync my Trainerize app once you're signed up as a client, to MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit and Withings.

Ready to get started?

Please choose from one of the following choices depending on whether you're already a client utilizing my Trainerize app or not. Your first plan will be available within 24-48 hours of completing all questionnaires.

Existing Trainerize Client

Not a Trainerize Client

Some in-app walkthrough videos:

No problem, book a discovery call and let's chat!