To help women approaching or experiencing perimenopause I have put together a collection of live trainings and recorded webinars to explain what happens with our hormones, what works to lose belly fat, what will keep you from increasing it and strategies and lifestyle changes that truly work to reverse imbalance and get you back on track to thriving through perimenopause and beyond.

What used to work in our 20's and 30's often no longer works in perimenopause and can often have an entirely reverse affect.

Understanding what is happening with insulin, cortisol, sex hormones, weight gain, fatigue, visceral belly fat, the type, timing and even intensity of various workouts, the impact of sleep and nutrition, stress, mindset etc. is critical for women during this very normal time of life.

Perimenopause isn't a sentence.

It's an opportunity.

An opportunity to change our lifestyle for the better. To do less not more.


To release what is no longer serving your optimal health.


To restore before more.


To reexamine our relationship to ourself and our health and so much more.

I invite you to join me in watching or listening to my women's wellness series to empower yourself towards optimizing your own health.