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Gym Equipments

Workout Plans & Training Programs

I create customized workout plans & training programs if you want to take your fitness to the next level on your own (this is not personal training) wherever you go - at home, at the gym, even on vacation. 

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4 Key Benefits of Having a Plan


Spreadsheet Plan (Low touch, low tech)

If you want a more traditional, low tech approach I'll prepare your plan for you as an Excel spreadsheet that you can print off and take with you to the gym, the office, to do at home, or even on vacation! 

How to Get Started!

Select the option you want below. Once purchased you'll receive a client form to complete in order to prepare your program. If you've chosen the App plan you'll receive an additional email with instructions on how to get the app and set up your client profile.

Your initial program "phase" will be ready 2-4 days after completing your client forms. 

Spreadsheet plan: will be emailed to you and a new phase provided every 4 weeks.

App plan: will be available in the Trainerize app.

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