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8 Week Full Body Strength (With Bands)

  • 8Weeks

THE WHAT: This is a great introduction to using resistance bands and start a strength training program for beginners and those new to strength training workouts. THE WORKOUTS: There are Upper Body / Lower Body workouts that alternate, 3 days per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday AND a bonus circuit scheduled for Saturdays, for those who want a little bit of extra work! You can change up the days of the week to suit your schedule too. THE HOW: Using mini bands to help you gain strength, endurance and core development after month 1, the movements become slightly more complex and the client is introduced to some new exercises to keep it interesting. This program is ideal for you if you have minimal strength training experience, access to resistance bands, and can commit to 3 days per week to workout. THE WHEN: Anytime. Sign up today, start today!

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