How to Apply for the Signature Hormonal Weight Loss Program

90 Day VIP Hormone Based Weight Loss Program
25% OFF*

*Until December 1, 2022, regularly $1450 + gst.

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence, Healthier Lifestyle Habits for Hormone Balance and a Smaller Waist!

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My VIP program is the only 90 day program I offer that is truly customized 100% to your specific needs and current situation. The program evolves and changes as we go to adapt to you.

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You'll receive your own customized, made for you to follow monthly nutrition plan which includes recipes, shopping lists, guidance and changes as required.

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You'll receive your own customized planned, designed and scheduled for you workout program based on your peri/menopausal symptoms, to help you work out smarter and at the right time to help support your goals - not work against them. The plan is created using what you have and your lifestyle allowance.

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You'll have 2 x 30 minute calls with me each month to discuss where you are at, any changes required, behaviour and lifestyle recommendations and answer questions.

Read before submitting application.

This program is for you if you're serious about improving your peri/menopause health and wellness. 


I do not promise weight loss as a result of participation as the results you experience are directly related to the amount of commitment you are willing to make in being consistent, showing up for our calls and putting the action into your plan. 

Typically results within the first month include:

- increased energy

- reduced bloat and more regular digestion

- better sleep and feeling more rested

- body transformation in inches lost

- clearer mind, less moodiness and irritability

THAT SAID -- the reason this plan does work is that it's meant to be highly personal and engaging to help look at behaviour causes and habits first and apply lifestyle changes to things like food, working out, stress relief and sleep to help you find more relief from hormonal imbalance from what works and what you can actually fit into your life.

It's not a quick fix program

It's not a restrictive program based on rigid macro's and calories

 It's not based on scale weight

WHAT IT IS - is a plan based on evidence supported approaches to the changes happening in perimenopause and menopause and women's hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, insulin etc.

This is a very special offer of 25% off (you save 362.50) but  more than the investment I want to also ensure it's both appropriate and accessible for the right person.


Due to the amount of personalization of the Hormone Based program I only take on a limited number of clients through the year. 


- you must start plan no later than December 1, 2022.

- a deposit of at least 25% is required at the time of registration in order to secure your spot.

- you agree that the entire program will be delivered to you online via my STRONGher proprietary mobile app 

- no personal training or in person sessions are included in this offer (for personal training options please click HERE)


25% DOWNPAYMENT:  ---> $285.47


50% DOWNPAYMENT: ---> $570.94

100% PAY IN FULL: ---> $1141.88


All prices include 5% GST already.


If you pay a portion of the full investment cost upfront I will email you an invoice for the remainder of the program payable in full within 60 days of your initial registration payment.

Failure to pay in full within 60 days of your initial deposit will immediately remove you from the program.

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Thank you for your payment and registration. I'll be in touch shortly to help you arrange your coaching calls and get you set up with app access.

If you'd like to pay via EFT, please CALL or EMAIL to make arrangements.