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Join my FREE
8 week at home conditioning program

Join me for this fun (and free) introduction to fitness using my online fitness app.


This is an 8 week, 2 workouts per week plan delivered 100% online via my ABC Trainerize app


Workouts are focused on getting your heart rate up with exercises that can all be done at home - with no equipment needed at all! 

You'll start to build up strength, but most importantly start to work your heart and lungs to improve overall conditioning and cardiovascular fitness.

This is a program that incorporates full body movement with some fun "fight based" intervals as well to keep you motivated (and moving!).

Weeks 1-4: The foundation

Weeks 5-8: The growth

The movements are beginner friendly and are easy to get into, preparing your body for the core and strength and endurance to build upon in later weeks and months.


Workouts are pre-scheduled already inside this app on Mondays and Wednesdays (but you can always do them on the 2 days a week that work better for you).

BONUS: the workouts take no longer than 15-20 minutes to fit into the busiest of schedules.

You will need to download the ABC Trainerize app in order to access the plan.

Questions? Email me at OR once registered you can ask them inside the private group.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a personal training or 1 on 1 coached program. It's follow at your own pace.

8 week at home conditioning program

Register Here for Access

Your registration request will be received shortly and you will be registered into the program within 24 hours. Please watch for an invitation from Julie Hodge ABC Trainerize with sign up instructions.

Stay tuned! When you're set up in my online fitness app (ABC Trainerize) you'll receive an email invitation with instructions.

Improve your strength and conditioning in just 2 days a week at home - no equipment needed.

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